Playing it "cool" this Summer


A good, tight seal is key to keeping the cool air inside and the hot weather out

  • Clean any debris from the bottom of the window and the window sills; this household chore can actually help by allowing the window to close fully with a tight seal

  • Add silicone caulking around the exterior window frames and re-sure or replace any loose weather stripping for all of the Exterior doors.

  • Window treatments are advised; keeping the curtains and/or blinds closed when the Summer sin is beaming will help keep your home cool.

  • Don't forget the Garage door! There is also weather stripping around the overhead garage door; make sure to check for and replace any damages pieces..


There is never a "good time" for the A/C to stop working - especially during the hot Summer

  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off any grime or debris that could be blocking or restricting the airflow to and from your HVAC supply and return vents.

  • For indoor air quality, our HVAC service suggests switching out the household filter every 30-60 days. Track filter changes by writing the installation date on the side of the filter itself.

  • Maintain a service agreement with your HVAC contractor. You should have your HVAC serviced every 6 months - although Springtime is the best time to prepare for warmer weather; late is better than never!

  • Use a soft bristled and a light "shower" using the outdoor hose, you can rid collected debris from the exterior unit

  • Last but not least; check for any damage to the electrical cords, line insulation, and tend to any debris or foreign objects that may have clogged the condensate line


A simple chore to make a world of difference; no reall

  • Just like you did this past Fall/Winter, you will need to change the direction that the ceiling fans are turning - there should be a small switch on the side/base of your ceiling fan. This will create the proper draft to keep your home cooler ... Make sure the fan is off before attempting !!

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